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    *Some of these plays may have had to cancel                 or postpone due to the pandemic.


Hamburg, Germany  Professional                                  Hotbed Hotel

Arena Dinner Theatre, IN                                               Who's in Bed With the Butler?

Bowbells Community Theater, ND                                 The Sensuous Senator

Haines City Community Theatre, FL                              The Amorous Ambassador

Just for Laughs Comedy Theatre, FL                             Sin, Sex & the CIA

Firehouse Community Theatre, FL                                 Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses


Act II Community Theater, MO                                            Who's in Bed With the Butler?

High Vista at Ridgewood , FL                                              Who's in Bed With the Butler?

South Baldwin Community Theatre, AL                               Sex Please We're Sixty

Main Street Players of Boone County, IL                             Sex Please We're Sixty

Skits & Giggles LLC, MI                                                       Sex Please We're Sixty

Community Arts Center, PA                                                 Sex Please We're Sixty

Ritz Company Playhouse, PA                                              What is Susan's Secret?

Stone Arch Players, PA                                                        What is Susan's Secret?

Valley Theater Company,PA                                                 Hotbed Hotel                                                     


Milestone Prairie Players, Canada                                       Sex Please We're Sixty

Flint Community Players, MI                                                 Love, Lies & the Doctor's Dilemma

Kaleidoscope Theatre, FL                                                     The Amorous Ambassador


Schalamar Players, FL                                                         Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

Stage Coach Theatre, ID                                                      Love, Lies & the Doctor's Dilemma

Petrol Community Theatre, ON, Canada                              Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

Charlotte Players, Inc, FL                                                     Hotbed Hotel

Circle Arts Theatre, TX                                                         The Amorous Ambassador

Strauss Theatre Center, LA                                                   Whose Wives Are They Anyway?

Day Trippers Theatre, MN                                                     Sex Please We're Sixty!


Alpena Civic Theater, MI                                                      Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

Lee's Summit R-7 School District, MO                                 Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

Swamp Fox Players, SC                                                      There's a Burglar in My Bed


Clio Cast and Crew, MI                                                         Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses

Gibson County Theatre Company, IN                                   The Sensuous Senator

Red Barn Summer Theatre, IN                                             Who's In Bed With the Butler?


Teatr Komedia, Poland                                                         There's a Burglar in My Bed






England, United Kingdom                                            Sex Please We're Sixty

Link Theatre, Australia                                                          Money Matters                          



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