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Meet Susan

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                                                                                    THE START....


Susan's first encounter with theatre was at age seven, when she sat in the audience watching a children’s theatre production at the Racine Theatre Guild, in Wisconsin. The memories of those children's plays and Packy the Elephant who introduced them, was the beginning of what she calls, "The magic of theatre." for her. Thirty years later she was reintroduced to that magic, not as an audience member, but backstage. From technical assistant to make-up coordinator, she enjoyed it all.


                                                                          ONCE BITTEN.....


A short time later, after working backstage on a musical production, Susan was encouraged to audition for the show DO BLACK PATENT LEATHER SHOES REALLY REFLECT UP? in her home town theatre, The Racine Theatre Guild. Surprisingly, at what she calls "The ripe old age of 35", she found herself cast in a role, in which she played a seven year old (at least for a few minutes), to a mature adult. The acting bug attacked, and, in the very next play, A THOUSAND CLOWNS she was cast in the leading female role opposite her son, Ben Adams. This opportunity made this play a very special one for her.


                                                                               THE FUN....


Over the following years, while  raising three wonderful children and teaching elementary school, she continued to participate in theatre, both on and off-stage. On August 1, 2000, she auditioned for the play, THE SENSUOUS SENATOR, and was cast in the pivotal role of Fiona, the call girl from the Capitol Escort Agency. She remembers wondering how she was going to explain  playing the role of a high-class hooker to her 4th grade students.


                                                                              THE LOVE


Susan can remember this specific date as it was the first time she met the playwright and director, Michael Parker, a prominent international playwright, with seven plays published by Samuel French, Inc. at the time.   She felt very fortunate to learn about the genre of farce from the playwright himself. He invited her to play the role of "Suzie Legere" in his world premier of WHO'S IN BED WITH THE BUTLER?, in California, in which he played the butler. At the end of this play, Suzie ends up with the butler.  I guess you could call it,  "The beginning of a beautiful friendship," as four years later, in real life, Susan and Michael were married on South Venice beach, in Florida, where they now reside. She was directed one last time by Michael in THE AMOROUS AMBASSADOR, at the golden Apple Dinner Theatre in Florida.

                                                                                       THE EXCITEMENT 

While still teaching,  Michael asked her if she wanted to try writing a play together. She immediately jumped at the opportunity, and since then her involvement in theatre is one of co-writing plays instead of acting in them. When she first started, she realized she had a lot of wonderful ideas for characters and plots, but was clueless on how to write effective dialogue.  She will forever be thankful for Michael's patience and direction.  

                                                                                       THE PLAYWRIGHT

Susan's first play, co-authored with Michael was, SIN, SEX, & The CIA,  in 2006, which including  co-directing its world premier. She describes that experience as "An extremely terrific opportunity to learn how to become a better playwright." Since then, they have written, SEX PLEASE WE'RE SIXTY, WHAT IS SUSAN'S SECRET, SEX PLEASE WE'RE SIXTY the MUSICAL,  MONEY MATTERS, LOVE, LIES & the DOCTOR'S DILEMMA and their latest, SANDY TOES & SALTY KISSES.  Although Michael is now writing plays in heaven, Susan is proudly and passionately continuing their work  bringing laughter to audiences all over the world.


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